About us

Why “Mooks?”

Mook’s was established in 2008 and was rebranded from Real Deal Salsa in 2016. We named our business “Mook’s” because my youngest sister couldn’t say “Mike” when she was younger. The name stuck around for years and it’s what my 9 sisters still call me. Yes, I said 9!

Big families love to cook. Well, “love” is a strong word. Rather, cooking at home is the cheapest way to fill everyone’s bellies. Lots of great recipes are handed down from generation to generation.

Growing up, we didn’t have much but we always had food on the table. We ate well! Cattle and pigs out in the field got fat and soon made their way to our plates. I was always the one in the kitchen helping Mom peel potatoes or learning how to perfect some good gravy for the fried chicken.

Mook’s on the Move: From a Small Greenhouse to Big Box Stores

Mook’s began in my sister’s greenhouse, where I worked to help her with landscaping. She always had an abundance of tomatoes and peppers so I thought to myself, “I’m going to make some salsa with all these great ingredients. I’ve always loved to cook and I love Mexican food. So, why not?!”

Soon, I started selling the salsas I made in her greenhouse market. It sold like crazy! Local patrons would tell me I need to get this into the big box stores and start a business. I didn’t know anything about starting a business. What would that entail?

Shortly after that summer, my dad helped set me up with an opportunity to own a café in El Dorado, KS. My wife and I had been in the food business for 20 years combined, an industry we definitely knew well.

On the Road to Salsa Perfection

Over the course of 9 years running our café, we developed our seasonings and truly mastered the art of making salsa. Beyond the flavor, salsa needs consistency and doesn’t need to be chunky, so we puree everything except the tomatoes. Others took note of our salsa skills and we eventually had the chance to sell Mook’s in a big box store.

Once we perfected flavor and texture, we started marketing Mook’s, going from town to town demoing our products. I always loved seeing the faces and reactions when people would try our salsa or cooked dishes. They were always surprised at how good it was. Smiles from samples are what we strive for!

Mook’s Motto

“Shouldn’t salsa taste like salsa? Why should you need to add more seasoning to a seasoning blend?” These are questions I like to ask. Many companies make salsas and seasonings. The difference in Mook’s products is that we strive for perfection naturally. No additives, preservatives, and no fillers. What you’ll find is love in every single product we make.

Make Mook’s a part of your pantry staples. You won’t be disappointed!


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